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We Produce Pressure Gauges,Regulators and Thermometers Model Identificaton
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Main Products: Dry pressure gauge,  Liquid-filled pressure gauge, Mini size pressure gauge, Ammonia service gauge, Capsule  gauge,   

                         (Magnetic) electric contact pressure gauges, Fire extinguish pressure gauges, Gas test pressure gauges,

                        Tyre pressure gauge, Water pressure gauge, Bimetal  thermometers,  Normal thermometers, Glass thermometers,

                        Oxygen Regulator, Propane  Regulator, Propane Regulator, Acetylene Regulator, CO2 regulator, Nitrogen regulator,

                        Ammonia regulators, Medical oxygen gas regulators, Welding tool set gas regulators                                  

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                                                 NAME: Cixi Huadong Pressure Gauge Co., Ltd.

                                                 ADD: Fuhai Industrial Park, Cixi, Zhejiang 315332, P.R.China 
                                                 TEL: 0086-574- 63565853
                                                 FAX: 0086-574-63569012


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